We would love to see your students for one of our newly developed Spring Tours. The tours take approximately 1.5 hours to complete and features three different learning styles.  Each tour has suggested grade levels, but we can accommodate any age group.  We also have ample space if you would like to bring or order in lunch for your students.

Call today for more information or to book your class tours!
(620) 624-5263 ask for Sarah.


“It is a great learning experience and it opens up your mind about other career opportunities there are.” – An outstanding USD480 educator

“This visit was extremely educational.  I would definitely recommend it!” – USD480 educator that really knows her stuff

“My students were interested and would have liked to spend more time.” – 1 of the best USD480 educators to walk the earth

“Students were broken up into small, manageable groups.  Information was presented in an appropriate manner, such as understandable vocabulary and allowing them to be hands on with materials.” – USD480 educator that is really the cream of the crop